Friday, November 22, 2013

Dean Tom Moore's 25th Anniversary

This year, Central Michigan University and the CMU Libraries are celebrating Tom Moore's 25 years of service as the Dean of Libraries. This milestone gave the CMU Libraries, particularly the Clarke Historical Library, the opportunity to reflect on what this milestone means in the history of Central Michigan University. Here are a few statistics that put Dean Moore's tenure in perspective.

  • Dean Moore's 25 years make him the longest serving leader of the Libraries. The next closest, Charles V. Park (for whom the Library building is named), served 24 years (1931-55). Other leaders of the Libraries include Jesse Thorpe (1956-58), Orville Eaton (1958-68), Caroline Baker (1969-70), and John Weatherford (1971-86). 
  • Dean Moore is the longest serving Academic Dean, surpassing William Theunissen by two years (Dean of Health and Physical Education from 1962-85).
  • In terms of current Senior Officers at Central, Dean Moore is the longest serving. However, he is not the Senior Officer who has been at the University the longest because former Provost Gary Shapiro was a professor from 1978-89. 
  • Regarding senior leadership of the past, Dean Moore appears to have more years in a leadership position than any other individual. Some of the longest serving people in leadership positions include William Theunissen (23 years); Charles Anspach, who was President for 20 years; Judson Foust, who served as Assistant to the President, then Vice President for General and Academic Affairs, and then President for a total of 22 years; and Norval Bovee, who held senior administrative positions for 24 years.
Congratulations to Dean Moore!