Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coach Bono's Beachwear Fashion Show

2nd Floor Thorpe Hall, 1983-84.
John Bonamego kneeling, second from the right.
In February 1985, enterprising CMU Student and member of the football team, John Bonamego co-produced a beachwear fashion show in the Beddow-Thorpe commons. The event promoted a Michigan business that Bonamego was a fan of and, as Bonamego said, "... it would be a good idea to show people the latest beachwear before they go on spring break" (CM Life 2/27/1985, p. 11).

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Not every university can claim an alum as their head coach and certainly not an alum who knows a little something about surf gear and bathing suits.

Fire Up, Coach Bono and Fire Up, Chips!