Friday, January 20, 2017

Winter Sports in the Archives

by Marian Matyn

With continued inclement weather, I thought about Michigan winter activities documented in the manuscript collections in the archives.

We have one collection which includes images of a snow plow in action: Ann Arbor Railroad Company Photograph collection, 2006.

Then, I also thought about school closings due to weather. We do not have any manuscripts just on that topic, although I"m sure a number of the District School volumes document bad weather days.

We have a number of manuscript collections that document winter sports:

MI Postcards: Winter Sports-Skiing examples-From top: Over the tree tops, world's highest unofficial ski jump at Iron Mountain (MI); winter play at Caberfae winter sorts area, Cadillac (MI); untitled

Skiing at Boyne Mountain Ski Resort in Rotary Club Slides, 1958-1962

William Jamerson Film Collection, 1920, 1962 includes skiing, Ski villages at multiple sites in Michigan, as well as winter festivals and events.

The Michigan and non-Michigan films collection, 1927, 1973 includes winter sports

City of Petoskey (Mich.) Scans and CDs of photographic collection, 2013 includes 1300 scans of images 19-20th c. mostly in Petoskey with winter sports.

There are also numerous images of winter activities in the miscellaneous photographs, CMU photographs, and postcards collection

MI Postcards: Winter Sports-Skiing examples-From top: Winter at Caberfae, Cadillac (MI); ski jumping at Ishpeming (MI)