Monday, June 13, 2011

Audiovisual Materials at the Clarke

 By Tanya Fox

You may think the Clarke Historical Library has only books, manuscripts and serial publications.  But we have a collection of audiovisual materials, also.  This collection includes DVDs, VHS tapes, albums (yes, the old fashioned vinyl type), cassette tapes and CD-ROMs.  We provide a room with all the equipment to view and listen to the materials we have at the Clarke.

Perhaps you would enjoy viewing the DVD School Days Remembered: the Mt. Pleasant Indian School Reunion 1991 or Full Metal Corset: Secret Soldiers of the Civil War from The History Channel in 2007.  We have some DVDs and videos about local history such as The History & Pioneers of the Port Austin Area, 1937-1957 : 120 Years of Progress. Listen to the audiocassette of Folk Songs of the Great Lakes Region by Lee Murdock. These titles are just a small sampling of media available.

Harken back to the old days of Tiger baseball with the sound recordings Echoes of Tiger Stadium and Tiger Baseball Trivia. If you’re an Ernest Hemingway fan hear him read selections of his works on Ernest Hemingway Reads. Peruse the Ernest Hemingway Audio Collection.

Even though the audio visual materials may not be checked out of the Clarke, there are many items of interest dealing with a myriad of topics.  Spend an hour or a day at the library and be surprised at what we have available.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ask Archivists Day June 9, 2011

By Susan Powers

On Thursday, June 9, archivists from all over the world will be responding to questions on Twitter for “Ask Archivists Day”. Participating archives are listed here.

Ask your questions on Twitter by finding an archive that you are interested in contacting from the list of participating archives, then add the hashtag #AskArchivists to your question. Here is a slide show that tells you more about how to ask your questions via Twitter.

If you would like to ask the Clarke's very own archivist Marian Matyn a question, email her at