Monday, February 14, 2011

CMU History Minute: The Central Michigan University Seal

By Susan Powers

Photograph by Hannah
Central Michigan University’s first official seal was designed by Pete Keszler, a Flint, Michigan sophomore. The seal was approved by the Michigan State Board of Education in the spring of 1954. At the time, Central was known as Central Michigan College of Education.

The same seal is used today, except for the name change to Central Michigan University. The meaning of the seal can be found in an article published on Friday, May 21, 1954, in Central Michigan Life:

“The center of the seal is the ‘lamp of wisdom’ silhouetted against an open book, with Central’s founding date, 1892, just below it. Above the center is the official seal of the State of Michigan. Below the center appear the latin words, ‘sapientia, virtus and amicitia’ – wisdom, character and friendship.”

Today a large version of the seal can be found on CMU’s campus, in front of Warriner Hall. 

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