Friday, July 29, 2011

GrandparentsU Comes to the Clarke

By Christa Clare

The Clarke Historical Library recently participated in the 4th Annual GrandparentsU program which is offered by Central Michigan University’s Alumni Association. GrandparentsU is a summer camp that brings grandparents and their grandkids together for three days of fun on the campus of CMU. This experience includes hands-on educational sessions conducted by faculty members along with other fun activities for the grandparents and children ages 8 to 12. This year there were 132 participants including  64 adults and 68 children.

Participants eat and sleep in the residence halls, attend special classes throughout the campus and experience many highlights of the campus during GrandparentsU.

This year GrandparentsU took place June 22-24, 2011.  The Clarke Library hosted two separate events.  On Thursday June 23, the Clarke was one of the clues in a Scavenger Hunt called “Not Quite 39 Clues” and the children were asked to locate the Smallest Book in the World located in the Clarke Library.

On Friday June 24th the Clarke hosted “Reading, Riting, and Rithmatic in the 1850’s”. The children looked at  McGuffey Readers, (old school books) and made craft projects including Thaumatropes (also known as "turning wonders").

The Clarke Library staff was delighted to be able to participate in such a fun and educational event. We don’t know who was having more fun, the Grandparents, or the children!

The GrandparentsU website can be found at :