Friday, February 10, 2017

Leelanau County American Bicentennial Flag

by Marian Matyn

In early February, volunteer archives processor Brian Schamber found a large American bicentennial Leelanau County flag in Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver's collection. Her collection is hundreds of boxes in size and includes a wide variety of formats, including this flag. The flag is blue polyester with a red, white, and blue county seal in the middle. There is a note from 1977 identifying the flag and stating that in hung in the Probate judges' chambers, 1975-1977. Justice Weaver was a Probate Judge in Leelanau during this time period.

Here are two images of the flag, one with Brian and intern Crystal Wood holding it up for a size comparison, and the other image is a close up of the county’s bicentennial seal.